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Protecting Workers + Pedestrians

Tonal and Broadband Audible Technology

Whether it be in dense urban centres or on workplace sites, interactions between pedestrians and vehicles or industrial mobile equipment often result in fatalities.

Employers are normally required to provide pedestrian warning alarms for reverse travel only, though forward travel and turning accidents may comprise as much as 50% of all related fatalities.*

Source: The Journal of Safety Research, February 2022, 408-415p





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Turn Indicator Warning 

Mounted to the side of the vehicle, the bbs-tek® Turn Indicator alarm synchronises an audible warning with the vehicle indicator lights. This means when the nearside indicator is activated, an alarm informs cyclists or pedestrians of the vehicle’s intention to turn.

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Reversing White Noise

The traditional ‘beep beep’ system has proven to be unreliable and often ignored. The solution - a quieter, safer alternative in the form of ‘white sound’.  Created using broadband technology, bbs-tek® White Sound® back-up alarm emits a highly-directional ‘ssh-ssh’ sound that's easier for workers and pedestrians to pinpoint.

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Quiet Vehicle Sounder

Known as an acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) across the automotive market, the Quiet Vehicle Sounder warns vulnerable road users of an approaching electric or hybrid vehicle. Designed to emit a blend of broadand frequencies and tonal sounds, the QVS is instantly detectable and only ever heard in the danger zone.

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Deadly Gas Protection

Toxic and combustible gas monitoring makes a commercial operation run more intelligently to protect people, property and the bottom line. With advanced sensing technology, the E3Point® detects CO, NO2, O2, H2, H2S, CH4, C3H8. Ideally for enclosed spaces within a commercial building, facility structure, or outbuilding.

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