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Our Products

Collision Avoidance Solutions.

Noise, distraction, poor visibility and fatigue are daily hazards for vehicle and equipment operators.  Management is under increasing pressure to reduce costs, boost productivity, and perform with more transparency all while protecting their people and their assets.  When collisions occur the result is costly; damage to equipment, downtime for repairs, rising insurance premiums, case litigation, and in more severe incidents, injury or loss of life.  The delicate balance of fleet safety and productivity is managed with collision avoidance technology - helping to prevent incidents while improving operations.  

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Cameras, Monitors, Recording Devices
Internal  Warning Systems (Driver-Feedback)
External Warning Systems (Pedestrian)

Fleet Management Solutions.

Whether you have one vehicle or 1000, managing your commercial fleet and taking care of your drivers can be an overwhelming distraction from actually taking care of business.  Building a better fleet means reduced risks associated with vehicle investment, improved efficiency, increased productivity, minimization of costs, and legal compliance with government legislation.  Fleet management technology simplifies the complicated and provides for data-driven decision making, so you can get on with delivering quality services and improving your bottom line.

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Asset Tracking + Telematics
Certified Services