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Offering a complementary range of passive and active systems designed to warn and assist the driver while protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Committed to making roads and worksites safer for all.

Camera Systems

Only cameras can see beyond blind spots. Brigade's Backeye® systems offer a wide range of single-to-multiple camera inputs and auto triggers, with recorded and Cloud-access to footage from vehicle-mounted cameras.

  • Elite
  • Select
  • Essential
  • 360°
  • Mobile Digital Recording (MDR)
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Blind spots

Obstacle Detection

Detecting stationary and moving objects helps drivers manouver safely without indicent.

  • SideScan®Flex
  • Ultrasonic Sensing
  • Radar Sensing

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Reversing White Noise

Multi-frequency reversing alarms are quieter, Brigade's patented bbs-tek® WhiteSound® “ssh-ssh” sound operates effectively at 5 decibels lower than conventional beeping alarms.

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E-Vehicle Sounder

Brigade's (QVS) Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System uses patented bbs-tek® to warn pedestrians and other vulnerable road users that a Quiet Vehicle is approaching.