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Surviving the Busy Season

The first 100 days of the busy season are difficult for any landscape professional. Jockeying the weather, retaining a good crew, and daily scheduling can feel like air traffic control. By now, the spring-like gusto of daily equipment checks may have become more laidback like the summer sunset. Preventative maintenance may seem like common sense but can easily fall through the cracks during the busy season. Yard equipment is expensive to purchase - and can become dangerous and prone to costly repairs if some simple maintenance checks are not followed.

Manage the chaos. Invest in management tools and technology to help you do what you do best, there won't be time when it gets busy.

—Mike Wheeler, Boreal Property Management

Top 3 Equipment Management Priorities

In this competitive marketplace, landscaping businesses of all sizes are relying on smart solutions to boost savings and safety, mitigate downtime, and extend their equipment’s lifespan. Asset tracking devices, equipment maintenance meters, and gas detection systems for garages and outbuildings have become top priorities for fleet and equipment managers.

  1. Asset Tracking Devices & Software

    Increase Employee Accountability - Some days you'd think equipment could grow legs and walk away.  Tracking physical assets is vital, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using small GPS devices, BLE, LoRa, or active RFID systems that operate by a smart-tag “beaconing" or broadcasting their location.  Big or small, near or far, lost or stolen assets will cost you more in the end than just equipment cost.

    Boost Productivity and Efficiency - By knowing where your fleet vehicles are during the day, and how well your vehicles are performing, you can make better and informed decisions each day. This can enable you to make changes or address inefficiencies within your organization that can help you to achieve operational excellence.

    Reduce Payroll and Overhead Costs - Using an efficient and reliable asset tracking solution can save your business money. Having asset management software, puts real-time data at your fingertips.  Knowing when employees report to work sites, such as a client’s house for a private lawn service, or a specific area for a municipal public works department team. Armed with GPS tracking software that can automatically generate reports, you can effortlessly enjoy the data that is at your disposal and help you stay informed to make better decisions.

    Provide a Competitive Advantage - When you combine all these different benefits that result from an efficient and effective asset management and tracking solution, it can place your company at an incredible advantage over your competitors. This combined benefit will be felt in other areas — especially the quality of service your company offers to your customers each day.
  2. Equipment Hour Meters + Tachometer
    Extending Lifetime Value - Like a vehicle's odometer, an hour meter records the overall running time of an engine.  By tracking time intervals and/or engine RPMs, meters act as your equipment's digital assistant providing you with service reminders.  Checking or replacing filters, oil, blades, and belts or giving your riding mower a quick tune-up mid-season are all key to extending the lifetime value of your equipment.

    Providing Proof of Use - When you install meters and tach gauges on equipment, albeit for your own use or when operating an equipment rental business, it's like having a second set of eyes keeping watch over wear and tear.  Not only will the alerts help to keep you on your maintenance schedule, having meters installed also helps to keeps renters and employees honest and accountable for equipment running hours and wear and tear.
  3. Toxic Gas Detection
    Safeguarding Assets - It goes without saying, people are a businesses greatest asset.  Regardless of the season, having a toxic and combustable gas monitor makes a commercial operation run more intelligently to protect its people, property and the bottom line.  Whether stand-alone or hardwired network Capable of detecting the widest range of toxic and combustible gases found in commercial building spaces and outbuildings, garages, storage facilities, 

For specific equipment maintenance parameters, consult your owner’s manual. For innovative solutions to help you get the job done and improve your bottom line, consult us.

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