Why Fleets Should Invest in Camera Systems?

A meriad of questions pop-up when trying to determine if your commercial vehicle fleet or small business collection of trucks need dash cams.  Should you invest in these small devices to

  • provide assistance while parking, changing lanes, manouvering in tight urban areas?
  • capture the road around your fleet in case of accident?
  • monitor your drivers in the cab?
  • provide a competitive advantage 
The short answer? Yes, to all the above!

Dash cameras on commercial vehicles are one of their most highly sought after road safety improvements. Camera systems are an essential tool in reducing accidents, preventing fraud, and saving lives on the road.

- National Transportation Safety Board

Key Benefits for Driver/Operator

Advanced Driver-assistance:

  • Dynamic camera views help eliminate blindspots
  • Gain much clearer and more accurate view of obstacles
  • Suitable for slow moving vehicles or manouvering in dense urban areas
  • Close up of hitch for trailering
  • Park more quickly and safely

Expanded Field of Vision:

  • Avert injury-causing and potentially fatal backover accidents
  • Provide wide-angle and close-up views
  • Increased ability to see beyond the width of a mirror's image:
  • Protect people and property directly behind, below level of rear window
  • Help to eliminate blind spots, capacity to expand 360 views

Key Benefits for Fleet Protection

Video Evidence OnDemand:

  • Claim support data including time/date stamp, GPS location, driver telematics
  • Deter fraudulent claims
Live View and Alerts:

  • Connect in real-time, see what the driver sees
  • Fleet tracking and analysis
  • Operational accountability and transparency

With all of the above being accomplished, having a camera system onboard also equals more money to your company’s bottom line.

How to Choose the Right Camera System?

Let us help you navigate the options by simply asking 2 basic questions:

  1. What VIEW do you want to see?
  2. How will you USE the image you see?

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