How Snowplow Guidance Lasers Minimize Damage and Maximize Efficiency

Outside of the Rocky Mountains, most of the snowfall in the United States and Canada falls within the Great Lakes “snowbelt”. If you live or work in these wintery weather regions, then you will know the impact firsthand of one of natures precious wintertime treats, lake-effect snow. It strikes fear and awe in the hearts of motorists.

With plow technology at the ready, Departments of Transportation, Fleet Managers and service providers are on deck. Regardless of experience, every snowplow operator has the same goals: to plow snow efficiently, with minimal damage to property and equipment, and above all else, maintaining safety.

LaserLine: Saving Money and Snowbound Mailboxes

Snowplow guidance lasers from LaserLine use an ultra-bright green laser-spot to establish a wing or tow plows trailing edge location. The patented laser-spot impacts on the road/snow surface ahead of the truck in the driver's normal field of view, showing the driver where the plow trailing edge will impact.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. SAFETY - A guidance laser establishes a wing or tow plow’s trailing edge location before the driver arrives at that point. The operator’s visibility is enhanced by the bright laser, while having the opportunity to adjust course quickly and proactively. Not only does this make roads safer for nearby pedestrians, it helps the operator avoid hitting objects, cars, curbs, or other obstacles for reduced damage to both the equipment and other’s property.
  2. SAVINGS - When vehicle guidance lasers are used for controlling alignment of wing plows and tow plows, the entire organization benefits, saves time, money, and reduces risk. Utilizing a snowplow guidance laser has been shown to reduce plow strikes by 80% or more. The dollar savings of minimizing both property and equipment damage can really add up quickly. Quite simply, plowing with a guidance laser delivers better results, faster plowing, saving both time and resources.
  3. VISIBILITY - There are times when a plow operator is working on the road, after a storm. But more often than not, they are working in the middle of it – blizzards, freezing rain, sleet, and all. Because a laser helps show the pathway of the plow, it is much easier for the operator to do a thorough job even when vision is compromised. Operators have attested, the worse the weather becomes the better the guidance beam shows. New plow operators can also benefit. The laser helps show drivers the pathway of the plow, allowing them to regularly see and learn the path, and enabling better operation for plow novices.
  4. EFFICIENCY - To keep up and try to stay ahead of the continuously falling snow, plow operators need to work faster and clear snow better – both of which can be done with the help of a snowplow guidance laser. The enhanced visibility of the plow pathway takes the guesswork out of driving, giving operators a clear and more efficient path to plow. This leads to more efficient plowing and less time spent re-plowing to clean areas missed by the first pass.
  5. VERSITILITY - For many plowing professionals, snow business is not their only business. LaserLine’s GL3000PMC is a versatile laser that is designed for both hot and cold weather. This allows it to be used for other applications, such as highway, pavement, and field striping. Virtually any vehicle or heavy equipment, for example, asphalt distributors, needing line control and guidance can benefit from a snowplow laser.

In Short

When downtime is unacceptable, and efficiency and safety are absolutely required, LaserLine’s patented guidance lasers are indispensable. Before the Worst Happens outfit your winter control vehicles with laser guidance systems.

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