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Reversing Radar

HD Radar Detection System

Veilig Reversing Radar

Veilig Inc.

HD Radar Detection System

Driver-assistance technology used when manouvering, reversing, and parking.

  • 24 GHz millimeter-wave radar technology
  • Detection range 0.1~20m (0.33ft-65.6ft)
  • 1080P camera input/output for CVBS and AHD image alarm overlapping
  • Available with one or two sensors
  • All weather operation from -20°~+70°C
  • IP Protection: IP69 sensor, IP66 control box

Specializing in rear-view technologies, Veilig's reversing sensor uses radar waves that bounce off nearby objects and return to the sensors. The smart control box then analyzes these signals to alert the driver of any objects in the vehicle's proximity while reversing. 

Designed to prevent costly and sometimes deadly collisions in the industrial, construction and waste sectors.

Camera Add-on

When connected to an onboard camera, the system provides visual, audible and image overlapping alerts. 

Having sensor data combined with a real-time camera image has proven to reduce driver stress and limit distractions thanks to the all-in-one view display. 

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