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Veilig Camera Systems

When Mirrors Are Not Enough

Camera Systems

Veilig Inc.

When Mirrors Are Not Enough

Offering a range of commercial-grade HD 1080p connected and stand-alone cameras, wide view angles, interior cab and exterior mounted options.

  • Back-up and parking-assist cameras
  • 360° around-view system
  • Front and side-view cameras
  • 5", 7", 10", touchscreen, quad display, waterproof monitors
  • Mobile DVR with wifi (4G/GPS optional)
  • Seamless integration with most major telematics systems

Having an extra set of eyes on the road helps operators in the moment and fleet operations down the road. 

Stand-alone systems are used to assist drivers while reversing, parking, maneuvering in tight spaces or busy urban centres.  While connected systems, both live-view and recorded, support management by providing video evidence on demand and driver accountability and transparency.

Cameras on commercial vehicles are one of the most highly sought after road safety improvements.

- National Transportation Safety Board

On-board Cameras Protect your Assets

Capturing views from all directions and beyond the road.

  • IP69K waterproof & heated options
  • Wide Viewing Angles: 130°, 150°, 170°, 190°, 360º
  • Night Vision: 5m (16.4ft), 8~10m (26.25ft ~ 32.8ft)
  • Antivibration: ISO 16750-3 (Max 17.3G)
  • Touchscreen & quad-view monitors
  • Triggered views & recording

Touchless Power Wash + Dry

Non-abrasive, non-contact camera lens cleansing system for year-round use.

  • Nozel assembly fitted to the exterior camera and conveniently operated from within the cab.
  • Dashboard-mounted momentary rocker switch activates the high-pressure wash and air blow-off features.
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