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SoftStart Clutch Controller

GDI Meters

Eliminates Agressive Clutch Shifts

Smoothes and softens the engagement of electromagnetic clutches. For Gas, Diesel, or Electric powered equipment.

  • Reduce wear and breakage for belts and improve the lifetime value of the equipment.
  • Put a stop to harsh, rough or jarring impact on the equipment and the operator.
  • Closed loop control for consistent performance throughout the entire clutch life.
  • Eliminates engine stalling and RPM droop.
  • Easy installation.

The patented SoftStart controller senses the exact point at which friction surfaces contact, then rapidly reduces the electical current to a level that allows the clutch to safely slip, but not release. Using engine RPM feedback, the patented controller adjusts the clutch current in a manner that drives the engine RPM to fit a desired profile.

The result - a quiet, smooth and predictable engagement of electromagnetic clutches.

Significantly reduces wear and breakage on belts and mechanical parts.

Equipment is Expensive.

Repetitive, harsh clutch engagement causes damage to equipment and potential injury to operators. Installing a SoftStart clutch controller will save you:

  • Broken belts
  • Sheared bolts
  • Link breakage
  • Belt screech
  • RPM droop
  • Engine stall
  • Operator jolt
  • Mechanical slam
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