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Connected Cameras - SmartWitness

Advanced Incident Cameras

Connected Cameras


Advanced Incident Cameras

Powerful LTE (or wi-fi) video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data.

  • AP1: 2-IN-1 ADAS Dash Camera in an affordable, plug-and-play device.
  • CP2-NA-LTE: 1080P Camera with real-time GPS tracking and image/video transfer.
  • CP4S: HD DVR with nearly 360-degree visibility across four camera angles.
  • CRX: Mobile HD DVR with CCTV recording for up to eight cameras.
  • KP2: modular dual camera solution

SmartWitness video telematics hardware has some of the lowest failure rates in the industry. Offering an array of cameras and DVRs to fit any need and a portfolio of advanced software solutions that turns video into value.

Video telematics delivers a truth that traditional telematics cannot.


AP1: ADAS Dash Cam

New ADAS-equiped forward facing camera.  With simple plug'n-play connectivity, this 2-in-1 connected camera delivers critical safety technology at an affordable price.

CP2: 2-Channel Road-Facing Camera

Advanced CP2 line of video telematics cameras provides reliable road-only or road- and driver-facing features and functionality through accessories.

SW KP1 hero snap in driver facing

KP2: Modular Dash Cam

A unique modular HD road-facing dash cam that offers road and optional driver-facing visibility in one plug-and-play device.

CP4S: 4-Channel DVR

Integrate up to four cameras with the SmartWitness CP4S high-definition (HD) vehicle recorder for nearly 360-degree vehicle coverage.


CRX: 8-Channel DVR

Choose the SmartWitness CRX system for high-definition vehicle recording for up to eight cameras.