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Bullet Sensor - RoadWatch

Mobile Temperature Sensor

Bullet Sensor


Mobile Temperature Sensor

SKU: Bullet Kit

Providing vehicle operators with crucial road surface and air temperatures while they drive. Units vailable in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  • Operating range -40 to +66.5 °C
  • Surface temperature accuracy +/-1°C
  • Air temperature accuracy +/-1°C while moving >8 KMH
  • IP67 rated, ISO 16750-4:2010 compliant
  • Seamless integration with most major telematics systems

Different than onboard ice indicators, the RoadWatch sensor is based on infrared thermometer technology.  It reliably measures the actual heat that is radiated by any object warmer than absolute zero (-273.15°C).  Whereas a vehicle's OEM ice indicator is designed to alert the "potential" of ice based on air temperature falling below the configured value, typically 1.6°C.  

The RoadWatch system is a durable, externally-mounted, fully-enclosed and sealed sensor making it resistant to water and salt.

Rapid Measurement: air temp by the second. road temp 4x per second.

Winter Operations

Watching the road when you need it most.  Typically used in winter road maintenance vehicles like plow trucks, spreaders and gritters.


Summer Maintenance

Surface temperature effects paint choice and performance when restriping or applying fresh markings.  An essential tool used in highway, parking lot and airport striping to prevent cracking, peeling or flaky and feathered looking paint.