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Snow Plow & Line Painting Guidance Lasers

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The Safer Way to Plow

Utilizing an ultra-bright green laser-spot to establish a wing plow or tow plow's trailing edge location before you get there. The laser-spot impacts on the road/snow surface ahead of the truck, still within the driver's normal field of view, showing the driver where the plow trailing edge will be.

  • Facilitates efficient and safe winter control operations.
  • Reduces damage caused by wing strikes by 90% or more.

The laser housing is weatherproof, hermetically sealed and dry nitrogen charged ensuring fail-safe operation in even the harshest Canadian weather. 

  • Automatic heating/cooling system and pneumatic air blast module to prevent snow build up on lens.
  • The 5mW laser carries a class IIIa rating, is Canadian IEC 60825 compliant, and meets all Canadian CCOS standards for operation.


Let's you know where your wing plow trailing edge will be BEFORE you get there. More accurate than flag markers. Protect your winter control assets. Avoid costly plow damage. Reduce out-of-service downtime.



All Season Line Control

Electronically designed laser for both cold and hot weather operations, uses an ultra high visibility green laser to establish visual line control.  Can also be used in Line Painting applications i.e. Paint Striping Vehicles, Pavement Profilers, Asphalt Pavers, Road Grinders, Water Blasting Trucks, Graffiti Removal Systems.


Specifically designed for walk behind line striping machines; a game changer in the parkng lot striping industry. No need for chalk lines. Increase productivity. Better quality of work day or night. Universal mount. OSHA compliant. 


Used for highway paint striping, asphalt pavers, road wideners, pavement profilers, or virtually any application requiring vehicle line control. The GL3000PM is also particularly effective for gun carriage alignment on paint striping trucks.