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Solar-powered Asset Tracking

Positioning Universal

Utilizes GPS-based tracking to provide insight into asset usage and location.

  • Simple Installation: no complex configuration- 4 Bolts and Go!
  • Dynamic Tracking: get current trailer position with 1 GPS fix/minute while in motion
  • Self-Sustaining Solar Power: incl. 4 month backup battery life at 12 reports/day.
  • Rugged Design: IP67 certified with a 5-7 year battery life.
  • Expandable: optional connector for tractor power detection, temperature monitoring, door sensing.
  • Integrates with most telematics.
  • Cellular Connectivity with LTE Cat-M/NB-IoT 2G Fallback

Specifically engineered to withstand harsh conditions, the solar asset tracker’s ruggedized design, efficient solar cell, state-of-the-art cellular technology and long life-span provides a reliable and self-sustaining solution.

Use the collected data to stay on top of maintenance and avoid unexpected malfunctions; pinpointing exactly how trailers are being used to maximize their productivity, and providing customers with updates on the status of their goods. 

For use with Trailers, Containers, Yellow Iron, Generators.

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Asset Usage Reporting

By leveraging the collected data, fleet managers gain near real-time, accurate visibility to help combat issues surrounding underutilization, effective lot management, maintenance and misplaced assets.

Asset Location

Providing fleet managers with near real-time, detailed tracking information for assets such as trailers, containers and generators. Easy-to-use, reliable and ultimately helps businesses improve the way they work.
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