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Plow Pilot

SMART Plow Telemetry

Plow Pilot

SMART Plow Telemetry

More reliable and accurate than pressure switches and proximity sensors.

  • In-cab device; communicates plow up/down status to GPS/AVL
  • Receives trigger signals directly from operator control paddles
  • For use with front, wing, underbelly, tow plow blades
  • Capable of latching, maintaining, feathering
  • Integrates with most major telematics

Winter Operations most trusted plow blade position reporting system since 2014. 

Plow Pilot™ acts as an onboard co-pilot using air/electric over hydraulic trigger signals to sense, capture, and transmit precise blade position data to external GPS/AVL Telematics. Advanced real-time intelligence certified by Plow Pilot™.

The most complete solution, suitable for every class of winter control vehicle and plow blade.

  • Spreaders and Graders
  • Dump trucks, Pick Up trucks
  • Snow sweepers
  • Front-end loaders, Backhoes
  • Bulldozers, Tractors
  • Skid-steer
  • Maulers
  • Front plow
  • Wing plow
  • Tow plow
  • Tow trailer
  • Underbody scraper
  • Rotary broom
  • Windrow blade

Air-over-Hydraulic (for Heavy Duty Vehicles)

  • Item#: PPSA-4E (formerly known as jehIONS)

Electric-over-Hydraulic (for Light Duty Vehicles)

  • Item#: PPSA -4R/4RT (formerly known as IONS)
  • Item#: PPSA-JEH-4 (formerly known as eIONS)


U.S. Patent No.: 9,518,376 CDN Patent No.: 2,909,048

Patent-protected technology enclosed in high-grade Stainless Steel or rugged ABS, swivel 90 degree connectors allow for small footprint inside the driver cab.

Self-contained device with push-to-lock pneumatic connectors make for fast installation and reliable connection to existing air lines.

The most complete solution suitable for every class of winter control vehicle and plow blade.

What is the Plow Pilot™
The Plow Pilot™ acts as a co-pilot supporting snow plow blade actuation; an in-cab device that receives pneumatic inputs directly from operator’s control levers. It’s always aware of precise plow blade positioning and reports to GPS/AVL Telematics in real-time.

What makes Plow Pilot™ different than Hydraulic Pressure Switches or Proximity Sensors?
Unlike hydraulic pressure switches and proximity sensors, the Plow Pilot™ is

  • installed inside the truck’s cab, therefore it is not exposed to extreme weather conditions, prone to build up of dirt, or damage caused by collision or accident.
  • a tamper-proof self-contained device; enclosed in stainless steel or rugged ABS housing. There are no external components that can be deliberately bypassed by operators.
  • controlled by air and not prone to failure caused by “stiction”.
  • not required to be disconnected when removing other winter control components.
  • always reporting.
  • a more long-term, cost-effective solution to winter control operations; no downtime for repairs, no moving parts that deteriorate and require replacement.

How do I know which Plow Pilot™ device to choose for my fleet needs?
Let us help you. Just provide us with the type of vehicle (light or heavy duty) and plow control mechanism (joystick electric over hydraulic or air over hydraulic).

What makes Plow Pilot™ tamper resistant?
The Plow Pilot™ is a self-contained module housed in a stainless steel or rugged ABS enclosure. There are no external moving parts and the operator has no access to software components inside the housing. Push-to-Connect Y and/or T connectors are supplied for each air valve control; locking air tubing in place to prevent accidental disconnection.

What makes Plow Pilot™ weather and dirt resistant?
The Plow Pilot™ is a self-contained device installed inside the truck’s cab, therefore it is not exposed to extreme weather conditions or potential for damage caused by collision or accident. Since there are no external components, like hydraulic pressure switches or proximity sensors, the Plow Pilot™ is not prone to build up of dirt, fluids or debris. The device’s external wiring is loomed for extra protection and tidy cord management.

What makes Plow Pilot™ so accurate?
By connection directly to the vehicle’s air-piloted values, the Plow Pilot™ uses the same air-triggered signals that actuate the plow blades to accurately provide plow position information.

Will installing a Plow Pilot™ void my truck manufacturer warranty?
No. The Plow Pilot™ does not compromise any functionality of the controls, it simply “piggy-backs” off the air lines that control the movement of the blades.

How many plow blades/positions can operate on one Plow Pilot™ device?
The Plow Pilot™ can accommodate a number of plow conditions; continuously reporting multiple blades and various positions at the same time: front plow, wing plow, underbelly plow, tow plow.

Can I customize Plow Pilot™ for my own fleet needs?

Depending on the device, fleet specific adjustments and programming can be accommodated by factory pre-set with minimum order quantity, or by manual control or bluetooh to controller. Please provide us with more details in the Request a Quote page.

Install It + Forget It: more reliable than a pressure switch or proximity sensor.

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Heavy Duty

For air-over-hydraulic plow controllers on heavy duty vehicles.

Light Duty

For electric-over-hydraulic plow controllers on light duty vehicles.

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In-cab Solution

  • Weather-Proof, Tamper-Proof, Mess-Proof
  • Hardware sealed and protected from adverse weather, exposure to fluids, grit or grime.
  • Self-contained, no moving parts, no downtime for repairs or maintenance.
  • Does not alter controller functionality or void truck manufacturer waranty.