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Digital Hour Meters

GDI Meters

Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Extends lifetime value by monitoring RPM and tracking run time.

  • Multiple inputs and mounting styles suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Flash Alert service alarms make it simple to track maintenance needs and be sure that services are performance at the correct time.
  • Fully encapsulated design, epoxy potted and sealed, resistant to UV, heat, vibration, shock, cold, waterproof up to 20 meters.
  • Self-contained battery has a lifecycle minimum of 12 years.
  • Pro military-grade quality.
  • Easy installation.

Equipment manufacturers all recognize the importance of performing preventative maintenance. Basic maintenance extends the life of equipment, reduces operating costs and limits down time due to failures.

Hour meters are applied to various pieces of equipment and machinery across a variety of industries where machinery is in high-demand and regularly used. Hour meters make equipment maintenance easy and take the guess work out of Hours of Service tracking and billing.

"Performance matters!  Knowing when service is due and avoiding equipment failures gives us a competitive edge."

- Chris S., Nightscapes of Muskoka

Demolition - Construction - Agriculture

Vibration Activated Hour Meters can be used on any equipment that vibrates during the operation. Heavy-duty industrial applications such as plate compactors, hydraulic breakers.

  • Unique Transport Filter feature is capable of distinguishing and filtering out road travel time.
  • No power-source required.
  • Extreme shock proof, can withstand at least 45G.
  • Two sensitivity levels available.
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Meters Rotating Shaft_700X435

Electric - Diesel - Rotating Shaft

Rotating Shaft Hour/RPM Meters can be used on any equipment that rotates during operation (rotating shaft, rotating gear, or pulley).

  • Suitable for diesel engines, compressors, electric motors, process equipment, power equipment, generators.
  • Pickup Sensor Range: within 6mm (¼”)
  • Does not require external power.
  • Available in resettable and non-resettable models.

Marine - Motor Sport - Home + Garden

Tach/Hour Meters (1 & 2 cylinder Gas Engines) count the ignition sparks by getting impulses from the spark plug. 

  • Inductive input or AC/DC input.
  • Displays hours in Off-Mode and RPM in On-Mode.
  • Highly customizable, can include hours, tachometer, resettable service alerts, timers, and more.
  • Hundreds of on-screen display message options.
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