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PreClear Drivewyze

In-Cab ELD Bypass App



In-Cab ELD Bypass App

Weigh station bypass software and exclusive analytics reporting for fleet management devices.

  • No transponder required.
  • Bypass over 800 sites in 47 states and provinces.
  • Save time + money, increase drive productivity.
  • Improve drive safety and retention.
  • Integrates with your existing Geotab devices.
  • Available on both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Helping carriers and drivers get more out of their hard work.  

Drivewyze is the only bypass service integrated into mobile and telematics devices from trusted technology leaders. Save money and run your fleet more efficiently: deliver loads faster, improve safety, eliminate transponder management.

Ranked #2 in driver satisfaction survey

Fewer weigh station stops means higher ROI.

No stopping or slowing down at scales saves your fleet fuel and maximizes on-duty driver time. Keep your drivers out of scales and deliver loads faster.

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Proactively prevent accidents with Safety+.

Safety+ combines customizable in-cab alerts with risk-zone analytics, so fleets can proactively train drivers on the road, and quickly react to risky driving patterns.

Safety+ requires no additional in-cab hardware – it runs on your fleet’s existing ELD system.