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CoPilot Truck - Trimble MAPS

Enterprise-wide Fleet Navigation

CoPilot Truck

Trimble MAPS

Enterprise-wide Fleet Navigation

Empower drivers with highly accurate, commercial-safe navigation while achieving fleet-wide efficiency and safety. 

  • Connects back office fleet management to in-cab navigation - particularly in the last mile.
  • Operational consistency with industry standard PC*MILER for back office planning.
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing out-of-route mileage by up to 10%.
  • Settings for Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty vehicles.
  • Intuitive user interface requires minimal driver training and new driver on-boarding.

Streamline your operations company-wide by extending the same commercial routing algorithm powering your in-cab navigation to your back office planning, visualization and reporting tools.

Not your average navigation. 

Truck-legal Routing

Avoid restricted roads to reduce the risk of costly bridge strikes and collisions. Always find the fastest, safest route with the Traffic Detour function that quickly identifies safe alternatives. Plus, millions of truck-specific POIs. 

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