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Camera Wash - DiCAN Inc.

Touchless Power Wash + Dry

Camera Wash

DiCAN Inc.

Touchless Power Wash + Dry

Non-abrasive, non-contact camera lens cleansing system for year-round use.

  • Connects to OEM or secondary wash fluid reservoir.
  • Dashboard-mounted momentary rocker switch activates the high-pressure wash and air blow-off features.
  • For use with most makes/models of camera.
  • Wash Only model also available.

Onboard camera wash system connects to OEM wash fluid reservoir and air.  Kit includes 3-stage momentary rocker switch for in-cab operation, ensuring a clear line of sight no matter the working environment or weather conditions.

Accessories include secondary wash fluid reservoir and portable mini air compressor.

In-cab actuation for driver safety and improved visability in all seasons.

As important as a spotless windshield.

Flecks of dust, smudges, or dirt on a lens may not be noticeable in live view, however can amplify when snapping images or recording video. Blemishes on a lens can ruin the detail in your image, rendering the visual evidence of no value for claim support or litigation.

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