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Technology can be complicated. The plethora of brand names, devices, options, and tech specs can leave any buyer stupefied. 

Simply start by asking yourself these two questions:

  1. What view do you want to see?
  2. How will you use the image you see?
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View Only: For Driver-Assistance

Reversing Safety

Rear blind spots are difficult to manage and make parking, towing and reversing both dangerous and difficult. Consider adding a back up camera and ultrasonic/radar sensors with monitor screen overlay for a more complete solution.

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Camera System_blindspots
Ancillary Cameras: For Driver-Assistance

Busting Blind Spots

When mirrors are not enough, the installation of a single view camera can eliminate dark spots and expand the driver's points of view. Having a clear view into the waste hopper, along side a sweeper broom, or even at the pivot-joint of an articulated vehicle makes all the difference when capturing images and video for claim support.

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Camera System_dashcam
Recorded Views: Stand Alone

Dash Cameras

Forward-facing cameras with optional ADAS-features deliver better visibility into on-the-road safety. Recorded footage is captured onboard via SD card. The addition of driver-facing cameras can provide distracted driver intelligence so that incidents can be prevented before they happen.

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Camera system_recording
Recorded Views: Connected

Remote Access

Connected cameras make it possible for fleet managers to log-in and view road-facing video, driver-facing video, or both in real-time and archived. When incidents occur, seeing what drivers see facilitates responsive action with instant play-back options. Virtual rided-alongs can also assist with driver training.

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Recorded Views: Connected

Real-time View

  • React and respond to real time situations
  • View live video feed to assist with time-sensitive situations
  • See weather on-location

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  • 5", 7', 10" HD LCD colour
  • Touchscreen
  • Quad-view
  • Trigger priority views
  • IP66 waterproof options for rugged use

Recording Devices

  • 4-channel, 8-channel
  • 4G/Wifi/GPS tracking 
  • 128GB, 1TB, 2TB storage
  • Triggered recording modes
  • Automatic event uploads
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