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Camera Systems - Brigade Electronics

Only cameras can see beyond blind spots

Camera Systems

Brigade Electronics

Only cameras can see beyond blind spots.

Backeye® systems offer a wide range of single-to-multiple camera inputs and auto triggers.

  • ELITE: ideal for heavy-duty application including semi-trucks, on/off highway vehicles, agricultural machinery.
  • SELECT: best selling mid-range, ideal for medium to large on-highway vehicles and smaller off-highway mobile machinery.
  • ESSENTIAL: entry level reversing solution for cost-conscious, ideal for on-highway applications.
  • 360°: works with four ultra wide-angle cameras calibrated and corrected to a single image. Works with most vehicles and machines, large or small.

Camera monitor systems are used in a  wide range of on and off-road applications to meet a host of health and safety, and legislative requirements.  Brigade's camera systems help the driver to see blind spots by delivering a live fee on the monitor - capturing everything in the camera view including people and obstacles.

Vehicle-mounted cameras enable drivers to maneuver and drive safety.

Mobile Digital Recording

Capturing footage from vehicle-mounted cameras provides an accurate witness and gives irrefutable evidence in the case of an incident. Brigade's MDR range includes:

  • 4-channel, 500Gb hard drive
  • 8-channel, 1TB hard drive
  • WiFi and/or 4G connectivity capabilities
Brigade MDR-LHD-US Cropped
Brigade BRIDGE_700X435

BRIDGE Cloud Services

Have remote access to the MDR without having to physically go to the vehicle.

  • Fully managed services, no need to set up and maintain servers or manage SIMs and mobile data.
  • Live-view and historical footage playback, including GPS location, speed, G-force, events, and alarms.
  • Geo-fencing and vehicle tracking of GPS location, speed, alarms on a dedicated location map.
  • Footage download options: scheduled, automatic, manual. 

Touchless Power Wash + Dry

Non-abrasive, non-contact camera lens cleansing system for year-round use.

  • Nozle assembly fitted to the exterior camera and conveniently operated from within the cab. 
  • Dashboard-mounted momentary rocker switch activates the high-pressure wash and air blow-off features.
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