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Time and Money-saving Solutions

There's Nothing Small About Your Small Business Fleet.

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Vehicle Tracking to Reduce Expenses and Increase Productivity

Ideal for all types of service businesses, such as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing, Landscaping, Pest Control, and Electrical.

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times with Geotab. See real-time location on a map and dispatch the nearest vehicle to a customer.
  • Save time spent on admin with accurate driver start and end-time records for payroll. 

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Extend Your Vehicle Lifetime Value

Keep vehicles and power equipment in good shape and reduce the risk of break-downs with Geotab Fleet Reports. You can track maintenance needs from a central location and easily arrange maintenance for your current and upcoming needs. This will help keep costs down and maximize vehicle uptime.

  • Easily schedule maintenance reminders by time or distance, mileage or even engine hours.
  • Track fuel use and fill-ups, and set rules for speeding and idling to keep costs down.
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Connected Dash Cameras You Can Afford

SmartWitness 2-in-1 Dash Cameras combine critical ADAS functionality with a forward-facing HD camera.

  • Plug'n Play installation at a price you can afford.  
  • Real-time audible alerts support driver safety.
  • Cloud-based alert data for Fleet Manager monitoring and awareness.

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Parking Assist

When connected to an onboard camera, this reversing radar system provides visual, audible and image overlapping alerts. 

Having sensor data combined with a real-time camera image has proven to reduce driver stress and limit distractions thanks to the all-in-one view display. 

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Management Software Made for You ...

Manage your entire fleet from one web-based platform.  Easily set up rules for driving and get an alert when rules are broken.

  • View a live map of your vehicles and assets
  • See trends in fuel use, idling and more
  • Check the maintenance history of a vehicle 

... and Your Drivers

Automates driver coaching with customizable safety rules and delivers an audible in-vehicle alert when needed, for:

  • harsh braking
  • sharp cornering
  • over-acceleration
  • seat belt use 
  • driving in reverse

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 You've got your hands full. We can help.

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