STATIS Surface Temp Alert

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STATIS Surface Temp Alert

Surface Temperature Air Temperature Information System (STATIS)

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Over salting or under servicing public entrances, paved areas, and heavily trafficed pedestrian walkways is a constant struggle for facility operations during wildly fluctuating winter weather months.

Rail and transit winter control operations require constant and immediate attention to exposed surfaces in and around waiting areas, sidewalks, and pedestriant shelters.  Ensuring the safe passage of commuter foot traffic is a minute-by-minute concern.

Vehicle-mounted surface temperature sensing devices will report road and bridge deck temperatures on approach, but what happens during rapid temperature drops when a patrol vehicle is not actively driving on it?


Public Transportation Shelters

Bridges & Overpasses

Pedestrian Walkways


Permanently mounted at troublesome locations like bridge decks, or in remote/low lying areas where moisture settles and freezes first, this state-of-the art passive infrared sensing technology is always on. The STATIS system is continuously monitoring the local surface temperature. Upon detection of freezing temps, the system will instantly deliver a customized email alert.  Notifications can be sent to patrol personnel or supervisors indicating that the surface has reached alarm levels and should be patrolled or treated. 

  • Customizable temperature thresholds.
  • Reports data via web portal, no software to install.
  • Facilitate centralized management and reporting of all monitored surfaces.
  • Allows patrollers to focus a greater degree of time on more travelled areas while not leaving the remote areas inadequately monitored.
  • Data intel allows for historical temperature reporting and analytics.  Effective for use in case defence and winter operations planning.