Plow Pilot ™

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Plow Pilot ™

Are you (or your technicians) tired of replacing hydraulic and/or proximity switches during winter control season and every fall in preparation for winter?  Having assets ready to report plow position through your AVL/GPS system doesn't have to be the nightmare it used to be anymore - switch to the DiCAN Plow Pilot™ now and start saving time and money while maintaining accurate plow position reporting.


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Typically, most plow blades (front and wing) are controlled by actuating levers on the centre console of a plow truck that are “AIR OVER HYDRAULICS”.  This bank (manifold) of levers is supplied with 100-125 PSI of regulated air through a FRL unit (filter-regulator-lubricator) that is typically mounted on the front or lower right side of the centre control console.
As an operator moves the front plow lever to raise the plow blade, the air pressure is released and directed to an “air piloted valve” which in turn “pilots” a larger hydraulic directional control valve causing the hydraulic cylinder to raise the blade. Each control lever will control its own dedicated valve to perform a specific function. The Plow Pilot™ uses this air trigger signal to provide plow position information to the GPS/AVL device.


  1. The Plow Pilot™ device is self contained and mounted inside the cab, usually behind or beside the centre control console and is therefore not exposed to external damage and severe winter weather conditions such as proximity sensors or hydraulic switches.
  2. The module comes pre-wired with 5’ of loomed cable. 
  3. Module is capable of switching positive or negative (ground) voltages and is NOT polarity sensitive or limited to a specific voltage range. 
  4. All pneumatic connectors are “PUSH TO LOCK” which facilitate fast and reliable install and connections to existing air lines.  Swivel, 90 degree connectors on the module allow for a smaller footprint when space in the cab is limited.   
  5. System is supplied with all the necessary connectors and 5’ of coloured tubing assembly for easy and simple connectivity.