Digital Meters

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Digital Meters

Still using analogue hour meters?  Time enter the 21st century and upgrade to digital meters from Global Digital Instruments (GDI).   

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Global Digital Instruments, LLC (GDI) manufactures hour meters, tachometers, battery discharge indicators and combination multi-function gauges. In addition to these core products GDI works directly with OEM customers to develop control solutions for clutches, ignitions and other vehicle systems.

GDI's most popular product, the NewGen series hour meter offers added value over standard analog meters or other competitors LCD units through Flash Alert service alarms and other text capabilities. Customers can find Flash Alert functionality in the NewGen hour meter as well as the N110 and N111 surface mount meters.

GDI meters are available in a wide range of styles and inputs to suit nearly every application. All of our products can be tailored to a customer’s specific need and our unique manufacturing process means that our products will withstand the harshest environments. Full epoxy encapsulation means excellent resistance to shock, heat, moisture and vibration in applications like construction, motorsports, and outdoor power equipment.

DiCAN is proud to offer our customers the GDI suite of products and we look forward to providing you with the necessary hardware for all your ‘metering’ needs. 

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