STATIS Surface Temp Alert

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STATIS Surface Temp Alert

With cold weather on the horizon, the DiCAN STATIS system has proven be an effective means of providing pro-active surface temperature email alerts in critical areas where icy conditions can create physical and financial devastation.

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Having surface temperature sensing/reporting sensors on winter control vehicles is great method to monitor road and bridge deck temperatures BUT what happens if the road surface or bridge deck temperature drops to below freezing when a patrol vehicle is not on it?  You get exposed to liability issues – that’s what happens.  The DiCAN STATIS system solves this problem for you.

STATIS is permanently mounted at troublesome locations (ie: bridge decks, remote areas, low lying areas where moistures settles/freezes first, etc) and continually monitors the local surface temperature.  Upon detection of freezing temperatures (user customizable thresholds) the STATIS system will deliver a customized email alert to patrol or supervisor personnel that the surface has reached alarm levels and should be patrolled or treated.  Having this system installed at remote areas allows patrollers to focus a greater degree of time on more travelled areas while not leaving the remote areas inadequately monitored.

STATIS also comes with a web portal which facilitates centralized management and reporting features for all monitored surfaces.  Authorized users can log in from any computer with a working web browser (no software to install) and active internet connection to observe current temperatures and produce historical temperature reports to assist with defense in case of litigation.

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