E3Point® Gas Monitor

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E3Point® Gas Monitor

DiCAN is proud to offer the cost effective and reliable Honeywell E3Point dual gas detection system to our customers.  A large number of gasses are detectable with this system (carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, propane, methane and more).   The E3Point is ideal for (but not limited to) ambulance bases, service garages, fire stations and parking/storage facilities. 

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Benefits of this system include:

Economical Value:

Ultimately, E3Point boosts your building’s bottom line performance and capital value. Its unrivaled flexibility and ease of use reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs. Whether you require a standalone application for a small commercial building or a networkable solution for a sophisticated complex using a mix of wired / wireless systems, E3Point is the intelligent choice.


E3Point uses a single platform for detecting combustible and toxic gases, combines smart sensor design with plug-and-play ease, operates in extreme indoor or outdoor conditions, and offers many other practical advantages that help your building perform at peak efficiency.

Energy Management:

E3Point offers green benefits for new and retrofitted buildings. It reduces energy consumption through DCV (Demand Control Ventilation), and can be integrated with a building automation system or coupled with a controller (VA301C) to obtain additional energy savings through zoning or optimized HVAC control.