White Sound Reversing Alarms

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White Sound Reversing Alarms

“White Sound” is the next generation of reversing alarms.

Reversing alarms are vital for safety, yet conventional tonal (beeping) alarms can cause noise nuisance and irritation – and confusion as to the danger’s approach direction. Worse, tonal alarms may be ignored because their ‘false’ alarms are heard well outside the danger zone; people ‘tune them out’ due to habituation.

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The solution to this problem is the ‘White Sound’ (multi-frequency) reversing alarm, which emits a unique “shh… shh… shh…” sound. Using lower sound pressure levels, the white sound alarm creates greater and more immediate listener response because it is so unlike any other man-made sound. And, uniquely, it is instantly sound-source locatable which, instead of head-spinning and confusion, triggers correct and immediate evasive action. White sound’s superior directivity beams the sound within the danger zone with reduced side­ways spillage; and it dissipates faster too so it is acceptable to site-workers and local households.

Multi-frequency sound provides a vital safety benefit for the hearing-impaired. Most impairment occurs only in certain frequency band(s) rather than the entire frequency spectrum. Should a hearing-impaired frequency band cover a tonal alarm’s narrow frequency band then the alarm will be unheard whereas a multi-frequency sound will still be heard in the hearing-unimpaired frequencies.

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