PriorityStart!® Battery Protection

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PriorityStart!® Battery Protection

Dead batteries cost money – plain and simple.  Eliminate the drain dead batteries cause in terms of labour, down time and replacement fees with PriorityStart! from DiCAN.

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PriorityStart! is an automatic heavy duty computerized on/off switching system protecting battery voltage and starting power. If battery voltage drains below 11.9 volts when engine is off, it automatically disconnects the load. The battery voltage immediately recovers. TO START: just step on the brake pedal, starting power is automatically reconnected.

No waiting for emergency trucks or service technicians. Stay safely inside your vehicle. No lifting hood or attaching dangerous jumper cables. No buttons or switches to push. Pays for itself 1st time it saves you.  Ready to protect every time you need it.

Using portable battery chargers/boosters, dangerous jumper cables, or calling a tow truck means you have already had a dead battery and done irreparable damage to your battery. (First time battery goes dead it loses½ its service life). 

No hard wiring or modifications. Installs in 15 minutes or less and is completely transferable. Certified to ISO, USCG, and SAE standards. Maintenance free.  TOTALLY AUTOMATIC! Always on Duty – Always Remembers – Providing you Safety and Peace of Mind.

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