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Plow operations are often carried out in inclement weather and when conditions are at their worst, plow truck operators need the best safety systems in place to safely and efficiently carry out their duties.  Enter the GL3000PMC wing/tow plow laser guidance system from Laserline MFG Inc!

Wing-Tow Plow Guidance Laser

Walk Behind Laser Guidance System

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The GL3000PMC Guidance Laser uses an “ultra-bright” green laser spot to establish wing plow trailing edge location before you get there. The laser spot impacts on the road/snow surface ahead of the truck and shows the driver where the wing plow trailing edge will be. The laser reference spot is on the road and in the driver’s normal field of view facilitating safer and more efficient winter control operations.

The 5mW laser carries a class IIIa rating, is Canadian IEC 60825 compliant and meets all Canadian CCOS standards for operation.

The laser housing is weatherproof, hermetically sealed and dry nitrogen charged for operation in even the harshest Canadian weather.  It also comes standard with automatic heating/cooling system and pneumatic air blast module to prevent snow build up on lens.

The GL3000PMC can also be used for other applications where line control is required (ie: line painters, pavement profilers, etc).

DiCAN is pleased to offer this safety product to our customers.  Please contact us today for current pricing and availability.