White Sound®

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White Sound®

Multi-frequency alarms heard only in the danger zone; eliminating noise nuisance for local residents.

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SMART bbs-tek®

These patented White Sound® reversing alarms aren’t just the safest alarms in the world, with the inclusion of self adjusting models, they’re also the smartest. bbs-tek smart reversing alarms continually adjust to 5-10 decibels above the background noise level, making them ideal for environments with varying levels of noise.

Instantly Locatable Sound

bbs-tek® multi-frequency reversing alarms use a wide range of White Sound® frequencies. This enables the listener to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming from. The broadband sound also gives workers wearing hearing protection devices (HPDs) and people with hearing difficulties a better chance of hearing the alarm.

 Heard Only Where it Matters

bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing alarms create a “ssh-ssh” sound which is gentle on the ear and dissipates quickly, meaning the alarm can only be heard in the danger zone.