Monitor, Report, Archive

Plow Blade Position
Reporting System

Air & Electric over Hydraulics

Winter Operations most trusted plow blade position reporting system. Plow Pilot™ acts as an onboard co-pilot using air over hydraulic trigger signals to sense, capture, and transmit precise blade position data to external GPS/AVL Telematics. Advanced real-time intelligence certified by Plow Pilot™.

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Patent-Protected IN CANADA And USA

Smart-software configured to monitor, report and archive plow blade position data. Broadcasts to external GPS/AVL Telematics software and devices.

Air-Triggered Reporting

Connects to air-piloted values, uses air-triggered signals to accurately provide plow position information to GPS/AVL Telematics. (Electric over hydraulic also available)

Always Ready

Broadcasts continuous and calculated input to the GPS/AVL Telematics during active plowing; readings taken directly from air-piloted valves in real-time. No downtime for maintenance and repairs.

Weather-Proof, Tamper-Proof, Mess-Proof

Enclosed, in-cab solution; not dependent on hydraulic pressure sensors/proximity switches typically exposed to dirt and inclement weather, prone to damage, and easily bypassed.

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Standard Features

Cross Industry Solution

Winter Service Vehicles

  • Dump trucks
  • Spreaders and Graders
  • Pick up trucks
  • Snow sweepers
  • Front-end loaders and backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Skid-steer
  • Tractors
  • Maulers


  • Front plow
  • Wing plow
  • Tow Plow
  • Tow Trailer
  • Underbody scraper
  • Rotary broom
  • Windrow Blade
Continuous Position Monitoring

Continuous Position Monitoring

Constant 12 VDC output connects to external GPS/AVL Telematics, broadcasting blade positioning and status in real-time, at all times.

Dirt Free


No mess. In-cab device, sealed and protected from adverse weather, exposure to fluids, grit or grime.

Inside Out Warranty

Inside Out Warranty

2-year Warranty for components inside and out.
1-year Warranty for installation by DiCAN certified technicians.

In Cab Installation

In Cab Installation

Patent-protected technology enclosed in high-grade Stainless Steel or rugged ABS, swivel 90 degree connectors allow for small footprint inside the driver cockpit.

Quick Connect


Self-contained device with push-to-lock pneumatic connectors make for fast installation and reliable connection to existing air lines.

Sure To Fit

Sure To Fit

The most complete solution suitable for a variety of plow blade and every class of winter control vehicle.



Expanded safety net by connecting multiple blades, plow accessory kits, and dash cameras with DVRs.

Handheld Programming

Handheld Programming

Facilitates greater flexibility for variations in the mechanical operation of plow blades, UP/DOWN thresholds within 0.1 sec increments.

Made in Canada

Made In Canada

Ensures total quality control over manufacturing and guarantees the use of genuine parts. Highly responsive to the need for fleet customization.

Available Products

STANDARD FEATURES Plow Pilot™ i - Plow Pilot™ j - Plow Pilot™
Plow Controls Air over hydraulics Air over hydraulics Joystick Electric over hydraulics
Ability to broadcast to third party GPS/AVL Telematics
Integrated smart-software inside capable of activating pneumatic triggers    
GPS/AVL Telematics provider capable of activating pneumatic triggers    
Manual activation of pneumatic triggers    
Capable of latching, maintaining, feathering  
Capable of switching + or – ground voltages  
Adjustable time delays for feathering (0.1 sec increments) Handheld Device Manual
Internally fused control circuit for current protection    
Default “UP” upon vehicle ignition
LED status indicators (UP/DOWN)  
Stainless Steel housing    
Rugged ABS housing  
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Plow Pilot™ i - Plow Pilot™ j - Plow Pilot™
Annunciator Panel  
Plow Connection Assembly
Flight Controller    

What's In The Box

All Kits contain:

  • Plow Pilot™ Blade Position Reporting Module
  • Prewired with 5’ of loomed, colour-coded cable
  • 1/8”, 3/16”, 5/32” or ¼” tubing to connect each plow position lever*
  • Full-colour Installation Guide with wiring schematics and photos

*Not included in with the Joystick Electric over hydraulic series of Plow Pilot™ devices

PP Kit

Models & Part #:

    # Positions Reporting Front Plow Up/Down Wing Plow Up/Down Tow Plow Up/Down Tow Trailer Deployed/Retracted
Plow Pilot™
PPSA-2R 2      
PPSA-4R 4    
PPSA-4RT 4    
PPSA-6R 6  
PPSA-6RT 2  
i - Plow Pilot™
PPSA-4E 4    
j - Plow Pilot™
PPSA-2-JEH 2      
PPSA-4-JEH 4    
Flight Controller

(Di-FCD-1) Flight Controller
Programming device used to more accurately set each plow blade position (0.1 sec increments) in reporting UP/DOWN  to the AVL/GPS device.


(Di-3PBAP) Annunciator Panel
Used by the operator when clearing windrows, captures and transmits real-time photos of obstacles i.e. Parked Vehicle, Bins/Refuse, Other/Misc. Requires connection to on-board Dash Camera and GPS/AVL Telematics.


(Di-PCA-2) Plow Connection Assembly
Used to broadcast plow blade connection status to the AVL/GPS, indicates if plow blade assembly is connected or disconnected to the vehicle.

U.S. Patent No.: 9,518,376 CDN Patent No.: 2,909,048

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will installing a Plow Pilot™ void my truck manufacturer warranty?
How many plow blades/positions can operate on one Plow Pilot™ device?
Is there a warranty?
Can I customize Plow Pilot™ for my own fleet needs?





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