Raised dump boxes cause damage to property, vehicles and people

Why risk property damage and the safety of your operators and innocent bystanders?  Instead, enjoy the added safety and peace of mind that equipping your trucks with the DBSA-12 raised box sensor can provide. In-cab audible and visible alarms when the box is in the raised position will increase the safety of your operations and the bottom line of your business.

The DBSA-12 DUMP BOX SENSOR is an enclosed programmable timer that receives feedback from a magnetic switch to indicate when the equipment is in a "raised position," notifying the operator both visually and audibly of potential impact. The utilization of this reliable technology aids in avoiding costly accidents to equipment, structures, property, and at times, people.

The DBSA-12 has been designed for multiple applications with proven success and is suitable for any type of equipment for which “box up” or “raised position indication” is required. Not only dump boxes or garbage packers that are left raised but also boom trucks can benefit from this technology. By utilizing the DBSA-12 on the boom at the cradle rest, the operator will be instantly reminded that the boom is not in the “down” position when preparing to drive off. 


The compact control panel is self-contained—no requirements for putting holes in the dash or having wires all over the cabin. The panel incorporates a bright red incandescent lamp and a 90dB continuous buzzer for immediate notification to the operator that the box is raised during transit. Included is a pre-wired magnetic switch cable with 20ft (6.5M) leads and a standard Weatherpack® quick disconnect for proper sealing. When the box is raised more than 2", the alarm and light in the control panel will activate. DiCAN has worked with multiple clients to provide a solid-state solution, with no moving parts, able to withstand the rugged environment of the roads and construction industry that has been tried, tested and true.


The City of Timmins won the 2017 ESA Powerline Safety Award for installing the DBSA-12 on all City dump trucks and by requiring City contractors to have raised box sensor systems installed.

Dufferin Construction requires all contractors to use a dump box raised sensor on their sites. Ryan Smith at Cardi Construction is one of those contractors, and he says, "We have won 2 other contracts besides Dufferin because a box up warning system was required on the tender and we were able to meet spec.” He also stated "…to use his name and company to promote [our] DBSA-12."


Accidents caused by raised dump boxes cause damage to property, vehicles and people.  One would assume that it is a rare occurrence, but surprisingly enough, it’s more common than you think and results in unnecessary time and money wasted, not to be regained.

April 5, 2018, a semi-trailer with the box raised slammed into an overpass just north of Montreal on HWY 40 obliterating the trailer and damaging the overpass.

February 16, 2018, a dump truck with box in the raised position slams into Sherbrook St. overpass on HWY 25 shearing the box off the trailer.

On July 31, 2014, a truck with the box raised struck the Burlington Bay Skyway while travelling in the Toronto-bound lanes.  Not only did this accident threaten life and limb of both fellow motorists and those working on the bridge at the time but also it caused extensive costs in direct structural damages. Multiplied millions of dollars were lost to the economy due to the fallout that snarled traffic for an entire long weekend.  MTO spokesperson Astrid Poei said, “if the driver of the truck is found guilty, he will be responsible for the bill.”

September 19, 2012, Niagara Falls, Ontario – a dump truck driving south on the QEW with the box in the elevated position struck the concrete Lundy’s Lane overpass. The speed of the truck and the force of the impact caused the box to completely shear off the chassis, hit a vehicle travelling behind it and cause life-threatening injuries to the driver. On top of that, millions of dollars were lost to the economy due to traffic issues related to the accident.


Certainly, not all accidents are of a nature that threaten lives and affect the economy, but these are not the only problems to consider. Think about the bottom line of your budget and perhaps even your insurance rating. Garage door headers, trusses, power lines and telephone lines, etc. are common targets of raised boxes, and they are very costly to replace or repair.  Damage can quickly mount into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

 Equipping your trucks with the DBSA-12 raised box sensor is a sound business decision that will bring safety and peace of mind.