Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance Made Easy

Lazy Days of Summer

The first 100 days of the busy season are difficult for any landscape professional. Jockeying the weather, retaining a good crew, and daily scheduling can feel like air traffic control. By now, the spring-like gusto of daily equipment checks may have become more laidback like the summer sunset. Preventative maintenance may seem like common sense but can easily fall through the cracks during the busy season. Yard equipment is expensive to purchase - and can become dangerous and prone to costly repairs if some simple maintenance checks are not followed.

Don’t push your equipment to the very edge. It’s better to replace something early than to have it go down in the field. —Tony Szczechowski, general manager/owner, Pro Edge Lawn Care Ltd.

All of our landscaping equipment is washed, cleaned and maintained before being stored for the winter. If it has a motor, the oil and filter are changed. The idea is to be able to put a key in it and start it. Equipment should be ready to go. —Fred Oskanian, owner, Terra Lawn Specialists

Takin’ Care of Business

In this competitive marketplace, landscaping businesses of all sizes are relying on smart solutions to boost savings and safety, mitigate downtime, and extend their equipment’s lifespan. Asset tracking devices, equipment maintenance meters, and gas detection systems for garages and outbuildings have become top priorities for fleet and equipment managers.

Manage the chaos. Invest in management tools and technology to help you do what you do best, there won't be time when it gets busy. —Mike Wheeler, managing partner and operations manager, Boreal Property Management

For specific maintenance parameters, consult your equipment owner’s manual. For innovative solutions to help you get the job done and improve your bottom line, consult us.


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