Camera Wash: As important as a spotless windshield.

Here’s mud in your eye.

Whether using a vehicle camera system for driver-assistance while reversing or capturing images and video  for claim support, having a clean camera lens can make all the difference.  It is natural for lens dust and dirt to build up when operating in hard-working construction sites, even more so during winter operations.  Camera views blocked by mud, ice, salt, and grime can be a liability not only for drivers but commercial operations as a whole. 

Having clean and dry lenses on exterior-mounted cameras is as important as a spotless windshield.

Seeing Is Believing

Although it may not be noticeable in live view, flecks of dust, smudges and dirt will amplify in final HD images and video. Having dirt specks, ice or water droplets, and blemishes on a lens will ruin the detail in your image. Unfortunately, a cloudy or unclear image is of no value for claim support or evidence.



 DiCAN's non-abrasive, non-contact camera lens cleansing system.

No need to manually wipe camera lenses. DiCAN’s camera wash system ensures operators have a clear line of sight no matter the working environment or weather conditions.  An incredibly useful solution, the power wash/air dry assembly is fitted to the exterior camera and conveniently operated from within the cab.  Its dashboard-mounted momentary rocker switch activates the high-pressure wash and air blow-off features.

  • For use with all makes/models of camera.
  • Year-round operation.
  • Uses standard windshield washer fluid.
  • Easy installation.
  • In-cab solution.
  • Manual, 3 position, momentary rocker switch.
  • Connects to OEM or secondary wash fluid reservoir.
  • Connects to on-board air or portable mini compressor.


Drivers will be singing... I can see clearly now (the dirt is gone).