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Large Vehicle AI-powered Safety

SKU: Shield+

Prevent or mitigate collisions by providing drivers with audio and visual warnings of potential hazards on the road. Retrofit to any fleet vehicle.

  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning (PCW)
  • Headway Monitoring & Warning (HMW)
  • Speed Limit Indication (SLI)

All of Mobileye's AI-powered safety, plus pedestrian & cyclist Blind Spot Detection.  Utilizes dynamic detection angles to constantly monitor the vehicle’s blind spots from the A-pillar and on the right- and left-hand sides of the vehicle.  Seamless integration with most major telematics systems.

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Safety at Every Turn.

Collision avoidance for large vehicles. 

Connected Analytics

Mobileye Shield+ allows city fleet managers to access an online map displaying the hot spots on transit routes based on the alert data.  Connected analytics  into drivers’ safety-related behavior, vehicle tracking, and compliance, so you can give drivers the coaching support they need.

Mobileye_ShieldPlus_Hotspot Mapping_700X523

8 Connect for Fleet Vehicles

Powered by the latest processor, EyeQ®4 and an improved camera, Mobileye 8 Connect offers drivers state-of-the-art day and night time collision avoidance technology.  6 SERIES device still available for a limited time.