Extendable Component Warning System

Light + Sound
Warning System

Dump Box, Lift Bucket & Boom

The most innovative microprocessor available to continuously monitor and alert safe positioning of any extendable component such as dump truck boxes, lift buckets, booms and more. Making operators acutely aware when a truck's components are retracted and they are Good to Go™.

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Patent Protected Software

Patent-Protected in Canada and USA

Proprietary smart-software within patented-protected technology configured to warn operators when extended components are not safely in their home position.

Hardwired Installation

Hardwired Installation

Eliminates tampering and potential for accidental or deliberate disconnection, automatically alerts if signal to components are lost for any reason.

Audible, Visual, Speed Alarms

Audible, Visual, Speed Alarms

Red incandescent lamps, 95Db buzzer, auxiliary LED dashboard light, external horn output feature for added driver notification when it’s safe to proceed, the truck is Good to Go™.

Precision Connectivity

Precision Connectivity

The most accurate and reliable readings directly from vehicle diagnostic port.  OEM approved connectivity. Not an intermediary device.

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Standard Features

Cross Industry Solution

Cross Industry Solution

  • dump trucks
  • roll off container trucks
  • sewer suckers
  • double boom buckets on hydro utility trucks
  • drillers and augers
  • concrete throwers having multiple extensions
  • cranes and outriggers
  • excavator buckets
  • extension ladders
  • all sizes of pup trailers
Highway Safety Code Compliant

Highway Safety Code Compliant

Advanced features guaranteed to meet Highway Safety Code (chapter C24.2) SAAQ Tipper Truck Regulations in effect September 1, 2020.

Continuous Position Monitoring

Continuous Position Monitoring

Automatic self-diagnostic check upon ignition. Constant 12 volt output connects to any internal or external warning device, including onboard AVL device.

Rhodium Contact Reed Switch

Rhodium NON-Contact Magnetic Reed Switch

Constructed of nylon-glass filled polymer, potted and sealed. Not prone to physical damage caused by dirt, ice and snow, or typical failures with other mechanical micro switches, hydraulic pressure switches, proximity sensors, or electro-optical sensors.

In Cab Mounting

In Cab Mounting

Compact control panel enclosed in highgrade ABS plastic, requires minimal installation space inside the driver cockpit.

Momentary Mute Control

Momentary Mute Control

Limit driver annoyance while moving at reduced speed during shouldering or unloading, automatically alarms over 12 km/hr.

Customizable Settings

Customizable Settings

Configure to suit your specific needs: speed control warnings, mute time, beep frequency, light flash frequency, park brake position, output to external horn.

Sure To Fit

Sure To Fit

The most comprehensive configurations suitable for every truck make, model, year of manufacture; including pre 1993 vehicles.

Pup Trailer Accessories

Pup Trailer Accessories

Expand your safety net by connecting two kits to alarm pup trailers, double booms, and multiple extensions.

Available Products

Features Elite Basic DBSAG
J1939 data bus connection (OEM approved)    
Audible and visual alarms  
Added 12V continuous output/input to AVL, horn, light  
Secondary magnetic switch input/output    
Park brake control (on/off) Optional Optional
Momentary mute (on/off) Optional Optional
Configurable mute time (1-120 sec)

Preset 60/sec

Optional Optional
Road speed (on/off)    
Configurable road speed (1-25 km/hr) Preset 12 km/hr    
Configurable light flash frequency (60-120/min) Preset 90/min  
CAN bus communication speed (250K, 500K)    

What's In The Box

Complete kits including warning system module, mounting
hardware, switches, connectors and cables, manuals. 

Made in Canada.

Complete Kit
  • Component Module (Elite, Basic, DBSAG)
  • In cab low-profile ABS mounting bracket
  • Magnetic Switch Assembly kit (appropriate length
    of cord, mag switch, 304 stainless steel L bracket,
    all stainless steel mounting hardware)
  • ITF Connection Cable (J1939 fit for vehicle make/model, wiring schematic)
  • Dashboard Indicator Light (red low profile LED)
  • Comprehensive installation guide with schematics

Models and Part #


DBSA-12-E - Satisfies SAAQ and
Transport Canada requirements


DBSA-12-B - For basic up/down indications,
no 12 volt output when box raised. Satisfies SAAQ and Transport Canada requirements.


DBSAG - For vehicles manufactured pre
1993. 12 volt continuous output integration
to GPS/AVL telematics when box raised

Optional Accessories:

PUP Trailer Extension Kit

Pup Trailer Extension kits available for all box/tongue lengths, andcombinations

Park Brake Switch Assembly Kit

Park Brake Switch Assembly kit available for Basic and DBSAG models

Momentary Mute Module Assembly Kit

Momentary Mute Module Assembly kit available for the Basic & DBSAG models 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can any vehicle having an extendable component or pup trailer use the Good to Go™?
Can any industry benefit by installing a Good to Go™ warning system on their vehicles?
What are the minimum requirements I need to be SAAQ compliant?
Are all Dump Box light and sound alarms the same? What makes an alarm compliant by SAAQ standards?
Is the Good to Go™ SAAQ compliant?
What happens if I don’t have a SAAQ compliant Light and Sound Warning System installed?
What vehicles are targeted in the SAAQ Law?
When does the SAAQ law come into effect?


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