Wing Plow Laser Guidance Saves Lives

It was a dark winter morning, 5:30 am. Ross from the Town of Whitby was headed south to his plow route over a 401 overpass. The bridge was a little narrow for his big plow truck, so his wing blade was in the raised position to avoid the sidewalk as he drove.

As he came over the crest of the bridge, the bright green Class III laser was shining out 40 feet ahead of him. To his surprise, the laser followed a path right down the middle of a pedestrian walking in the dark, dressed in black.

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Advancing Safety in Medium-Duty Truck Fleets

“Not only can the technology help prevent and reduce collision rates, but it also encourages better driving practices by delivering real-time feedback to drivers. Even if you’re a good driver, driving conditions can be unpredictable, and by having a safety net system that actively delivers warnings — such as forward collision and tailgate monitoring — good drivers are able to react even better to unpredictable situations,” Michael Backman, VP and general manager of U.S. Operations for Mobileye.

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Raised dump boxes cause damage to property, vehicles and people

Why take a chance with property damage or the safety of both your operators and innocent bystanders? Instead, enjoy the added safety and peace of mind that equipping your trucks with the DBSA-12 raised box sensor affords.

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Video Says a Million Words!

They’re out there…bad drivers…lurking in your blind spot, driving distracted, crossing multiple lanes, cutting you off, slamming on their brakes, yacking on their phones and potentially causing a wave of near misses or accidents in their path. Protect yourself from the liability issues these drivers present with the DiCAN in-vehicle dash camera.

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